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Planned Parenthood: AHCA is dangerous for women’s health

Planned Parenthood is calling on lawmakers to protect access to healthcare by rejecting the American Health Care Act (AHCA). Planned Parenthood is calling the AHCA “the most dangerous bill for women’s health in a generation.”
Across the country Wednesday, including Springfield, Planned Parenthood and its supporters took to the streets to “Pink Out the Night”.

Under the healthcare proposal, federal funding for Planned Parenthood would be cut back, and the organization would lose access to Medicaid. Planned Parenthood says if the AHCA passes, it would be devastating for its patients in many ways.

Rich Owens, a board member at the Planned Parenthood of Illinois, explained, “They will lose family planning, they will lose prenatal services, they will lose STD testing, they will lose general healthcare.”
Planned Parenthood supporters were met by members of the Springfield Right to Life organization Wednesday night. Pro-life activists saying – yes, healthcare is important, but what exactly is healthcare? “When you are providing funds for abortion, abortion services, no matter what you want to call it that’s not healthcare, that shouldn’t be funded,” said Springfield Right to Life President Tim Moore.

Planned Parenthood in Illinois serves over 65,000 patients. The organization says abortions only make up about four percent of its services.

Source: WICS, Esther Kwon

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