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Springfield Right to Life is an educational and charitable, not-for-profit corporation that was founded in 1971 by a group of concerned local citizens. Our basic premise is the belief that all human life from conception to natural death has inherent dignity and therefore is entitled to protection. We are a politically non-partisan, religiously interdenominational, grassroots organization, wholly financed through individual contributions and our own fundraising efforts. Contributions to Springfield Right to Life are tax deductible.

The primary purpose of Springfield Right to Life is to present fully detailed, factual information on such topics as fetal development, abortion, alternatives to abortion, post abortion syndrome, infanticide, and euthanasia. This enables the general public, as well as individual, to make informed decisions concerning these vital areas of human life.

Life Center: In June of 1986, the Life Center was opened at 316 E. Monroe Street. The office moved to 323 E. Monroe Street for several years – within easy walking distance of the Illinois State Capitol building in Springfield, it was a viable and highly visible downtown presence. The Life Center has moved to 536 N. Bruns Ln. Suite 2 to further our educational and charitable efforts. It is staffed by volunteers and is open Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m., or by appointment.

Charitable Activities: A secondary purpose of Springfield Right to Life is to serve as a charitable organization, providing general information and support for persons who are or may be faced with untimely or problem pregnancies concerning resources and services available to them. As a charitable organization, it is the role of Springfield Right to Life to help secure and protect the civil and human rights of the unborn, handicapped, and elderly, within the constraints of Illinois not-for-profit organization regulations.

The Civic Committee: Springfield Right to Life has a sister organization called the Springfield Right to Life Civic Committee. The Civic Committee defends the Right to Life by advising concerned citizens about Federal and State legislation which threatens the unborn, the infirm, the aged and by planning community impact activities. The SRTL Civic Committee sponsors our Annual Recommitment to Life Rally every January on the closest Sunday to the Roe v. Wade anniversary in the Illinois State Capitol Rotunda. Contributions to the Civic Committee are not tax-deductible.

Board Officers:
Tim Moore, President
*, Vice-President
*, Secretary
Elena Bryjka, Treasurer

Board of Directors:
Liz Eilers-Bron
Bridget Heffernan
Michelle Lawless
Lisa Luper
Pastor Donald Mayes
Scott Moss
Brent Parquette
Darrin Ralph
Kathy Hobbs

Angela Tranquilli

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